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People and businesses are quickly adapting as COVID-19 continues to alter the way we live our lives and do our jobs.

Things like working from home instead of commuting, teleconferences instead of meetings, and switching to online platforms to service customers are just some of the ways we see this happening.

Real estate is no exception and the industry is learning to adapt quickly to the changes and to safety above all else.

While you may think social distancing guidelines mean selling or buying a home is virtually impossible during this time, that’s not the case, and top REALTORS® are determined to find creative, safe ways to help their clients meet their needs, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

These are the type of real estate agent you want to work with.

Over the last decade, technology has changed and developed so much in the real estate industry giving professionals the tools they need to reach over 90% of buyers using the internet to find their next home.

As that percentage increases with the impact of the coronavirus, REALTORS® are adapting to make better use of the tools already at their disposal to effectively sell homes for their clients.

Here’s a look at three tools REALTORS® are using to keep you healthy while you sell or buy a home:

Video tours

Video tours are a great and simple option that are already being used in many home listings. Videos are the best way to showcase a property on social media and any real estate agent not using video to market their listings is doing their client a disservice.

Agents are able to record a walkthrough while highlighting important information and selling points. The same video can be used and viewed over and over again, saving everyone exposure.

Video tours should be filmed in high quality to ensure that buyers get the best look at the property and that sellers are best represented by their REALTOR®.

Virtual tours with 3D imaging

3D imaging and virtual tools have been around for a few years in the real estate world, but they’ve never been quite as valuable as they are now with more buyers using multimedia imaging to decide whether to place an offer on a property.

Using special cameras, REALTORS® are able to create a 3D model of the space. Depending on the tool, these images can be stitched together to show the entire floorplan and allow a custom walkthrough of your home.

You can then use navigation keys to virtually look through the property, ‘walking’ through every room, like what you’d experience walking down your street on Google Maps Street View

Some 3D imaging equipment can even allow you to measure spaces within a home and add relevant information tags to parts of the home through the tour, a perk not offered by video or FaceTime.

FaceTime tours

Another great tool being used by top REALTORS® is to FaceTime or video chat to show you around a home. This creates the same feel as an in-person viewing, with the agent present and able to guide you, but also minimizes exposure for all involved.

While this may be very similar to a video tour, a live walkthrough creates a more personalized experience for the prospective buyer who is now able to ask questions about the property and features.

The personalization of FaceTime tours allows the buyer to make specific requests, like asking to see something up close, check the electrical panel, and check for blemishes that the professional marketing material may leave out.

In most provinces and states, real estate is considered an essential service, so agents will continue to work hard to sell homes. But the best agents with their clients’ best interests in mind are working with creative ways and do everything they can to adapt to our new normal and make sure your safety is their top priority.

If you need to sell your home and don’t know where to start, click here to meet a high-quality real estate agent in your local community who can answer your questions and get you started with the right information.

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