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When selling your home, a first impression can make or break your sale. When you’re ready to list your home, an important step to take is making sure your house is staged for success. A buyer’s first impression is a big determining factor in their interest in your home and whether or not they place an offer on it.

This includes both in photos and in-person showings.

Here are three important things to consider when staging your home:

Keep it clean

A clean home will sell much faster, and with a higher return, but this doesn’t just mean sweeping the floors and washing the countertops.

You need to put real work into the cleanliness of your home. Make sure closets, pantries and cupboards are dust-free and well organized. Imagine opening a closet to see the space and being greeted by all your dirty laundry that was on the floor minutes before the showing.

A few bins from a dollar store can help you keep any clutter out of sight. Get coordinated, neutral colors for visual appeal.

Make sure window frames and baseboards are wiped down, tables are washed and light fixtures are dusted.

The goal is to make sure buyers focus on your home, not the mess or dirt.

Keep it neutral

When a buyer sees your home, they want to envision their own family’s life there. This is much easier for them to do if your home looks impersonal and inviting.

Remove things like toothbrushes and hair accessories, trophies, and replace family photos on shelves with other, more impersonal art. Your possible buyers will be able to imagine their own photos and belongings instead, helping show them how your house can become their home. The key is to keep your home warm and neutral.

Keep it fresh

The last thing you want is for last night’s dinner to be apparent in the air when someone first sets foot in your home for a walk through.

If you know prospective buyers will be visiting, there are some steps you can take to make sure your house smells fresh and welcoming.

Make sure to avoid cooking with any strong spices or ingredients for 24 hours before a visit. Take out all trash the night before, and give any area rugs or fabric surfaces where pets hang out a good wash or a quick spray with some odor eliminator.

If weather permits, open some windows for a few hours to freshen things up and circulate the air.

We might not notice the smells in our own homes, but people who are not accustomed to them will pick up on them immediately.

Talk to your real estate agent about specific advice and suggestions for properly staging your home. Depending on your layout, furniture, and goals with marketing they will have ideas to help your space pop.

All Realtor Match referred agents include a staging consultation in their listing services, so you know that your home is ready to hit the market and make a great impact on prospective buyers.

Taking the time to make sure your home looks, feels and smells welcoming can be the difference between a quick sale and asking price, or lost time and money. Don’t skip this important step! Stage your home for success.

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