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Our home is our kingdom, our sanctuary, our Fortress of Solitude. There’s really no more intimate space than the place we call home. But the aspects we look for in houses have changed throughout the years, and so have we.

Houses these days have to have about as many functions as your iPhone has apps. It’s a home office, and a studio,  and a nursery,  and a gym, and a theater, and a workshop, and a cocktail lounge. Even before the pandemic, houses were working overtime to provide all the modern-day amenities homeowners expect.

The dawning of the golden age of technology has brought many benefits to the contemporary worker, like increased opportunities to work from home. Many people already worked remotely before COVID-19, or had the capability to do so. According to a survey from StatCan, four in 10 Canadians have jobs that can easily be done remotely. With such a huge emphasis on telework, homeowners will require access to high-speed internet, office-space, and ideally some peace and quiet to get work done.

Plus the amenities to enjoy themselves after a long day.

As the pandemic pushes on, it makes sense to want the features in our homes to accommodate a more stationary lifestyle. Many families are keeping kids at home and opting for online school, transforming the home into a classroom. With this evolution in learning, homeowners might be more considerate of the space little ones may require to fulfill their education needs at home.

Just like their kids, home buyers perusing the market might be in need of their own working space depending on the nature of their work. We’ve all seen bloopers of Zoom meetings being crashed by bombastic dogs or screaming toddlers. The savvy home buyer may want to keep an eye out for a house with a private, closed-off office space, ideal for conducting remote work.

The same StatCan survey revealed that 90 per cent of respondents — so the vast majority of people — are at least trying to stay home.

That means they probably aren’t getting the usual amount of exercise. Homeowners in the pandemic era will want to keep a sharp eye out for a pad with enough floor space to set up the elliptical and eight-piece weight set.

Since more people are gravitating toward spending more time at home — especially during a pandemic — it makes sense that close proximity to important amenities such as groceries, gas stations, hospitals and schools are big draws for homeowners. The less distance we have to travel from our homes to get to where we’re going, the better.

We Canadians are an increasingly eco-conscious bunch. Be it green bins or solar paneling, we all chip in to do our part. The thing about a house is that it does a whole lot of incredible things for us but it can also produce a lot of waste, and Canadian home buyers seem to have caught on. When purchasing homes, Canadians look for what a house does, but they also look for what it doesn’t do. Sustainable features like renewable energy sources, low-flow plumbing, and low-energy appliances are big attractions for the environmentally-inclined… Or those who just want to save a few bucks on their bills.

With so much to choose from and so much variety, shopping for homes can seem overwhelming. Especially during the pandemic, it’s unlikely anything will be “easy”. But with the help of the right realtor, you can find the perfect house to work from home.