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When Realtor Match came to life, the mission was simple: Help people find the best real estate agents and stop worrying about whether their best interests are truly being looked after.

See, the real estate industry has such a negative stigma. It’s a common belief that real estate agents are scam artists preying on vulnerable homebuyers and sellers. It’s a common belief that real estate agents leave things out or manipulate their clients and contracts in hopes of making a few extra bucks.

And maybe that’s the case for some, arguably a lot, of realtors. But it’s not a representation of the entire industry. Realtor Match was founded on the premise that some real estate agents do a really good job. Every sales representative or broker that we work with has been highly vetted to make sure our clients feel comfortable and are well looked after from start to finish. That means we only work with realtors who don’t make these common mistakes so their clients are absolutely taken care of:

Lack of communication

When you’re buying or selling a house, there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle. While you may be working with an awesome agent, you’d never know it if they don’t keep you in the loop and up to date about everything that’s going on in your market and with your transaction. We make sure our realtor partners have a plan in place to maintain constant communication with their (and our) clients so there is never any wonder or worry. Good communication is a staple of good relationships.

Not enough support

As business picks up, so do responsibilities. It’s easy to overlook a step of the home buying or selling process with one client when you have 30 on the go. It is a priority for Realtor Match to make sure our partners have either the systems in place or the support staff available to handle a high-volume of business without negatively impacting their customers. Full-service is the only way to go.

Other commitments

We only work with full-time real estate agents. Part-time agents might know their stuff and be able to do an awesome job helping their clients, but it’s important to us that if a condition or contingency is hanging, our real estate partners are available to help their clients immediately without another job getting in the way. If a deal needs to be finessed last minute and you’re waiting on your agent to finish their shift at the local clinic, you might miss a big opportunity to improve your deal.
Whether you’re buying or selling, working with a professional who is entirely dedicated to serving their clients and who knows their community real estate market inside and out should be a no-brainer. For help finding your perfect agent, click here.

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